Computational argumentation

Modeling Overall Argumentation with Tree Kernels (EMNLP 2017b).
Experiments on the impact of modeling overall argumentation with tree kernels on argumentation-related analysis tasks.

args – The Argument Search Engine (ArgMining 2017b).
A prototype argument search engine, its API, and a software framework for argument search.

  • Online prototype: args (thanks to Jana Puschmann, Jiani Qu, and Jonas Dorsch!)
  • Argument search API: args API  
  • Source code of the framework: soon to come 

Argumentation Quality Assessment (ACL 2017).
Experiments and an annotation study on argumentation quality assessment in theory and practice:

Argumentation-related Essay Scoring (COLING 2016b).
A demo application and experiments on argumentation-related essay scoring:

Sentiment Flow (EMNLP 2015).
Experiments on the generality and domain robustness of sentiment flow as a model of web review argumentation.

Shallow Argumentation Analysis (Project + COLING 2014).
A demo application, a webservice, and experiments on our approach to domain-robust sentiment analysis, which is based on a shallow model of review argumentation.


Other ArguAna-related software

Filtering Framework (CIKM 2013).
A software framework on top of Apache UIMA that allows analyzing only relevant portions of text in each step of a text analysis process.

Online Adaptation (IJCNLP 2013).
Experiments on a self-supervised online learning algorithm that adapts the schedule of text analysis pipelines to the input text at hand in order to optimize run-time efficiency.

Pipeline XPS (CICLing 2013).
A protypice expert system, which automatically constructs text analysis pipelines for given information needs and prioritizations of quality criteria in real-time.


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